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Scallop, shoyu butter, chips, chives
Crudo, fish, shrimp, pecans, chili, sesame, ginger, olive oil
Ceviche of the day, cilantro, chili, sweet potato
Tiradito, Aji Amarillo, quinoa, sweet potato, corn
Market ceviche, crispy calamary, rocoto leche de tige sweet potato
Shrimp krupuk , greens, Amazonian fruit (Cocona),Rocoto mayo
Salchipapas, potato, chorizo, runny egg, crispy fries, truffle
Red beet, parmesan cream, apple, chocolate, rocoto, quinoa
Tuna tartar, avocado cream, rocoto cream
Beef Anticucho , potato , chili sauce
Celery root Antichucho, Zhug, celery cream, corn
Week creation (Limited Availability)


Duck breast, purple corn sauce, cashew pure, petit pois, greens
Pork chop cowboy style, red cabbage, mash potato, tahini, demiglass
Picanha sous vide, yuca, local mushroom, tucupi
Lamb shank, quinoa-risotto, parmesan cheese, cream
Fish, miso aji Amarillo butter, bock choy, green peas pure
Lomo saltado, onion, tomatoes, potato fries, rice
Grilled Tuna steak, peppercorn crust, bock choy, yakimeshi, shoyu butter
Roasted Cauliflower, cheese , huacatay, sweet potato, crumble
Lobster sous vide, risotto, sweet peas, pumpkin, bisque sauce
Week creation (Limited Availability)


Childhood Strawberries, condense milk foam, purple corn Syrup, crumble
Crème Caramel, homemade vanilla ice cream, vanilla powder
Pumpkin , Sweet potato ,anis, Bacon ice cream
Chocolate mousse, fruits, earth, vanilla cream
Chirimoya, merengue, caramel

The Chef

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Teddy Bouroncle has been sharing his heartfelt recipes around the world for over two decades. His passion for cooking was ignited by his grandmother and grandfather, the two cooks responsible for gathering the family around the dinner table to enjoy home-cooked meals every Sunday evening. As a young boy, Teddy would hang out in the kitchen and watch as his grandparents reimagined traditional Peruvian dishes. At 16, he shared his plans with his own parents. “I am going to become an actor or a chef”, Teddy proclaimed. His mother and father, who both worked in government institutions, said: “You will starve as an actor!” At that very moment it was settled, “But not as a chef!” Teddy replied with a smirk.
Chef Teddy Lima Bistro Aruba
After graduating from culinary school, his desire to discover new palates and his ability to combine unusual ingredients took him around the world where he cooked in kitchens across the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin-America and the Caribbean. His culinary knowledge was broadened and his techniques were honed at the 3-Michelin-starred Arzak Restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. His executive skills were first developed in the Casa Andina hotels, where Chef Teddy oversaw the kitchens of 17 properties as the Corporate Chef of the Peruvian hotel chain. A multifaceted 10-year career at the Marriott Brand saw him grow from Executive Sous Chef to Director of Food & Beverage to Complex Executive Chef and, finally, to Director of Food & Beverage Operations.
Although he was based at the JW Marriott Hotel in Lima and later at the Marriott Resort in Aruba, Chef Teddy was called upon to develop food and beverage operations whenever the Marriott brand launched a new property in the region. His ‘foodprints’ are still enjoyed in countries such as Costa Rica and Mexico.
After gaining significant experience in the corporate industry, it was time for Teddy to return to his roots. With his grandparents’ kitchen and dinner table in mind, he created Lima Bistro; an intimate restaurant where family, friends and lovers gather to discover new flavors and make everlasting memories. Having travelled, resided and cooked in many countries around the world, he finally found his home in the heart of the city of Oranjestad— and with him he brought the explosive flavors of his beloved Lima.

Home of the Culinary Explorers

As soon as you enter our dining room you are greeted by a star, swaying elegantly in the middle of the room, embracing its purpose as the glowing centerpiece. Growing up in Lima, Chef Teddy’s mother would always remind him of a special star, one that shines brighter than all, illuminating the way home.

Polaris, the North Star, is our way of saying welcome home to you, our culinary explorers. The warm décor invites you to roam and find the perfect spot where you feel most comfortable. Our open kitchen is meant for family and friends to gather around, so feel free to grab front row seats to fresh quality ingredients fused into unexpected compositions.

Harbour restaurant
Food at Lima Bistro

Lima Meets Oranjestad

The gentle trade winds and fresh aroma of the ocean experienced on our outdoor patio are reminiscent of Lima, Peru’s capital city, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Here in Oranjestad, Aruba’s capital city, the vibrant downtown scene intertwines with the peaceful ocean-front views, making it a memorable night on the town. Experience the best of both worlds, where Lima meets Oranjestad and fine dining comes home.

Dinner Menu
Chef Teddy Lima Bistro

Chef Teddy

Embracing an eclectic approach to international cuisine, Teddy Bouroncle, a self-proclaimed cocinero comilon (foodie chef), follows in the footsteps of his grandparents, combining unexpected quality ingredients to create explosive flavors inspired by his beloved home — Lima.

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Lima Bistro team

A Family-run Restaurant

Warm service, kind hearts and familiar faces await to meet and serve you. Much like the Peruvian and Aruban family, our team is a melting pot of different nationalities. And just like our unique dishes, our cultural identities are also shaped by different parts of the world and we love nothing more than to enrich our souls by connecting with others. No matter where you come from, when you visit our Bistro you instantly become part of our ever-growing family.

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